Skarpety kompresyjne

Skarpety kompresyjne

Ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes, long-distance travellers, all those who need to increase oxygenated blood flow in their lower legs.

Pros of using compresssion sport and recovery socks Arctica ProSport:

-improve blood circulation
-promote better oxygen flow
-boost athletic performance
-stabilize ligaments and tendons
-prevent microtrauma of muscles
-increase injury recovery
-reduce lactic acid
-prevent venous stasis, fatigue and cramps
-travel essential – reduce feet swelling and prevent blood clots

Key features of Arctica ProSport socks:
-graduated compression - tightest at the ankles and gradually less constrictive towards the knees
-flat seam construction for maximum comfort
-hypoallergenic and breathable fabric
-right and left foot shaped for optimal fit
-thermal regulating technology - quick dry fabric
-heel, toe and  Achilles tendon support
-comfortable rib

Composition: 13% polyester 13% cotton 52% nylon 22% lycra

black socks: S (35-38), M (39-42), L (43-46)
white socka: S (35-38)